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How to Create Gmail Group Account


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Google launched Gmail the market on 1 April 2004 as an alternative to other web mail services such as Yahoo! and Hotmail. One of the many features of Gmail is the ability to create groups and assign contacts to them. This allows users to send mass e-mails only to groups designated as "Friends", "Family" or "Coworkers", the three categories of contacts pre-selected by Gmail. But it is very difficult for amateur email account holders as they don’t know how to how to create Gmail group account. Thus, they have many option to get help for this. They can browse Gmail support page and get help for creating group in Gmail account and its functionality.

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Entering contacts

Once you accessed your email account, you will look at the top left of the screen and locate the succession of following words: Hotmail, Mesenger, SkyDrive and Msn. You just need to put cursor on Gmail. A new POP Up window will open with a new combination of words: inbox, calendar, contacts, email. Click on “Contact” option.

Create own group

Now you are in the contacts menu. Again you look at the top of the window. Along with the option to add contacts see that puts MANAGE. A new drop - down menu will open, thus select Manage Group. Here you will get a series of default groups, such as friends, family, other. It is very likely that you want create custom groups, so to create new groups just have to click on the icon of a circle with a cross inside and create the group with the name that you want to give us. To finish your creation just you have to give “Apply”.

Meter contacts in groups

Well, we already have contacts on the one hand and on the other groups. To enter the contacts in the corresponding group you should be on the “Contact” menu and see your address book. Next to each contact there is a box. You need to mark the contacts you want to group. Marked remain highlighted in color. Then we look again at the top of the screen and we see that in a bar with various actions put “Groups”. We click there and choose the group where we want to send to the contacts listed. This action will repeat with each contact you want to get into any group.

In this way you can create group in your Gmail account. If you are still facing any technical problem then contact to a veritable Gmail Customer Service provider. We are assuring you that you will get the best support from experienced Gmail support experts.


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